Last minute revision!

Below is the essential guide to what you should be doing this weekend!

Ensure you thoroughly know the plot of A Christmas Carol and Macbeth.

For A Christmas Carol, try this incredible plot summary at just FOUR minutes long:

Christmas Carol plot summary

For Macbeth, the Animated Tales is a brilliantly useful 25 minute summary:

Macbeth Animated Tales

Make notes on the main characters in each text. 

Why are they important characters? What purpose do they serve within the text? 

What moments within the texts reveal the most about these characters?

What themes do the characters link to?

Revise themes / imagery.

What are the important themes and imagery within the texts? Why did the writer include them?

Which characters / moments link to each theme/image?

Learn quotations.

For each character / theme, ensure that you know a couple of really useful quotations. I’ve attached some as ideas, but the texts are full of brilliant quotations and you might need others to help you convey your views on each text. 

ACC key quotes

Macbeth key quotes

Sleep well!

Make sure you have a good sleep Sunday night and build up your energy with a good breakfast Monday morning. Your English teachers will be in nice and early Monday morning, so be sure to meet us in our classrooms for some last minute top tips. 

If you have any questions, post here, or email Mrs Barstow on her school email (harringtonj@…)





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