Language Paper 2 Guidance

The awful videos are back 🙂

Below is the exam paper I’ve used. Read through it and plan your responses before watching the videos:

Paper 2 example paper

And here are the videos! Remember, your teacher will have given you specific guidance on how to achieve your target grade, so make sure you revise that as well.

Any questions, feel free to email me or post a comment on here.

Mrs Barstow

Paper 2 – model answers

Below is a sample paper produced by AQA, you might recognise it from a PPE.

Question Paper


Read through the paper to remind yourself and plan out your responses. Then look at the model answers below. There are example answers of a range of marks, including a full mark answer. Read the examiners comments carefully – what are the features of a good answer?

Question 2 model answers

Question 3 model answers

Question 4 model answers

The Anthology Poems (Grade 6+)

The document below gives an overview of each of the anthology poems, including:

  • Thematic links
  • The purpose of each poem
  • A ‘clever’ comment on context, genre or structure
  • Four key quotations and techniques

Remember though, these are just my interpretations of the poems. The very best students will bring in their own perspective and viewpoints. There might be other quotations you personally feel are essential in developing an understanding of the poem. That is the beauty of literature!

For the quotations, I’ve named the main technique in each quote. What else can you find to analyse in each quotations?

Poem overview